Hey, I'm Marius!

I’m ready to build your next website that’s beautiful and increases sales.
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"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."
Steve Jobs

As a designer and a marketer with over 22 years experience in the field, my goal is not just to build beautiful websites, but ones that increases your revenue and get you the results that you are looking for.

Some of the companies that love my work

My Winning Process

Establishing the goal

The goal is the first and most important thing to be established when building a website, because if we don't have a specific goal, we won't be able to put a plan in place.

Choosing the technology

Once we determine what the goal for the website is, we will look at the best software to get there. We are not looking to just build a beautiful website, but one that converts well!

Designing the website

We will now start designing the site. The design will have to include all the features that we determined the site will need in order for it to accomplish its goal.

Building the website

With the design in place, now we can start building the website and put together all the technology we've decided to go with.

Launching the website

Hello World! Now we will deploy your new amazing site for the world to see it.

Marketing strategy

Now is time to put in practice the marketing strategy that we've developed together and start increasing your revenue.

69% conversion landing page

If you are really interested in high quality clients, you don't just want someone to register for an event and then forget about them. In this particular example, our conversion on the landing page was 69%, which was amazing, but we wanted to make sure that a good number of them will actually show up for the webinar. To increase the webinar attendance conversion, we've sent them a reminder text message with a link to the webinar. 30% of people attended the webinar from their mobile phones as a direct result of the reminder text message. Also, because our audience was from all over the world, we've automatically converted the webinar date and time to their particular time zone. That helped our webinar attendance conversion to be 50%, where the industry average is only 18%.

Your awesome website is not enough if you don't have a solid marketing plan in place...

...and your marketing plan won't work unless you will use the right technology. Here are some my favorite tools:

Landing Pages

I love ClickFunnels for the many prebuilt features that it comes with and for its easy drag and drop editor that allows you to have almost unlimited creative freedom.


InfusionSoft is probably the most versatile CRM for small businesses on the market. You can literally build any marketing funnel that you can dream of. I love InfusionSoft for the fact that it integrates with almost every third party marketing app either directly or through Zapier.

Email Autoresponder

MailChimp has been my choice for email service for many years now. Not only is a super powerful, easy to use autoresponder, but the beautiful user interface makes it so much easier to love working with it.

Websites and landing pages builder

Webflow is the easiest yet most capable no-code website builder.

Why my customers love me?

"Marius designed a series of e-commerce projects for us at Tile. His diligence in researching best and common practices in the realm help speed our exploration phase and elevated the collective knowledge of the team in that regard. He adapts well to changing scope and priorities or projects, always staying focused on what the next step in the process is so we can hit our dates. He also goes the extra mile to get to know his clients. It was a pleasure working with him."

Dr. Rob McCleland

"Marius totally rocks the web design world. From the first time I saw his portfolio I hoped to work with him someday. Five years and hundreds of designs later he receives my absolute highest 10+ rating. I've led two different John C. Maxwell companies. When John saw Marius' work, we hired him--and he took us to new heights. One more thing: he's a really kind person. You'll actually enjoy working with him, laughing with him, and watching him overdeliver!"

Jared Cagle

“Marius is the most diverse designer that I know. Not only is he able to do a lot of different things well, but I am most fascinated with the way that he is able to be current while staying consistent with your brand and message. He is culturally relevant but also extremely brand-conscious. This is hard to find in many people that I’ve worked with. With his many years of experience with a variety of clients – I highly recommend Marius for your design needs.”

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