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What I did: Design, Marketing, Photography
Software used:
Sketch, InfusionSoft, FixYourFunnel, Photoshop

If you are really interested in high quality clients, you don't just want someone to register for an event and then forget about them. In this particular example, our conversion on the landing page was 69%, which was amazing, but we wanted to make sure that a good number of them will actually show up for the webinar. To increase the webinar attendance conversion, we've sent them a reminder text message with a link to the webinar. 30% of people attended the webinar from their mobile phones as a direct result of the reminder text message. Also, because our audience was from all over the world, we've automatically converted the webinar date and time to their particular time zone. That helped our webinar attendance conversion to be 50%, where the industry average is only 18%.